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New version BBC News 1.2.3 published 29.07.2006 is now available. News and Weather from web to speech, pictures and videos
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News from web to speech
Navigate and show latest news videos
World 5 days Weather forecast
BBC News 1.2.3 is a freeware program to read BBC news aloud. It gives a voice and visibility to BBC:s text based news pages.

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New version 1.3.3 published 03.07.2006. Fixed because of changes in wikipedia pages (navigation problem). Also minor perfomance corrections included.
Speech and Navigating Tool for Wikipedia
WikiTalk TL is a Text to Speech program for Wikipedia users allowing many features like Talking animated Head,several different languages, Text to wav and Text to MP3 option.
WikiTalk is planned so that also persons with limited sense of sight can use it by keyboard as easy as possible
WikiTalk TL works together with Internet Explorer, Netscape8 ,Mozilla 1. 7.8 and Firefox 1.5. It navigates and speaks text from Wikipedia.

UncleT's Joke Corner Page
New version introduced 31.07.2005
Ocx file does not found problem in Setup fixed 09.08.2005
Now 2320 English jokes available.09.08.2005
Joke telling program.
UncleT's Joke Corner is a Text to Speech program for everyone interest to hear Jokes.
2320 local jokes introduced (English).
496 local jokes introduced (Finnish).
UncleT's Joke Corner converts text to speech and speaks Jokes aloud.

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Winsis Studio Sequence Editor, -Tester and Provisioning program works with WinFiol and offers a professional level scripting tool and provisioning program for MML command automation.

User can create sequences in few seconds and execute them via Winfiol. Download the evaluation version with help file and example sequences.

Updated 29.07.2006